Cheetah Outreach
Cheetah Outreach

Promoting the survival of the free ranging, Southern African cheetah through environmental education and delivering conservation initiatives.

Serval Enrichment Activities


  1. Scattered logs, climbing limbs and branches
  2. Patches of tall grass and vegetation
  3. Platforms
  4. Splash pool
  5. Sandbox
  6. Moving furniture and objects in and out of enclosure


  1. Dead birds with feathers
  2. Dead day-old chicks
  3. Dead whole rabbits
  4. Dead whole rats and mice
  5. Meat with fur
  6. Large bones
  7. Frozen fish (thawed first)
  8. Live fish or frogs in splash pool
  9. Feeding meat on platform
  10. Feeding meat in long plastic tube to encourage grabbing

Novel and Sensory

  1. Soft and rope toys, rubber snake
  2. Gourds, apples, balls
  3. Cardboard boxes
  4. Guinea fowl wing suspended from top of enclosure
  5. Plastic bottles, balls and toys balls in splash pool 
  6. Blowing bubbles into splash pool
  7. Playing with water from hosepipe
  8. Papier-mâché ball with dry cat food or piece of thawed fish inside
  9. Branches over empty splash pool
  10. Catnip
  11. Snake skins
  12. Fish gel
  13. Switching enclosures with other animals


  1. Interaction with other animals through fence
  2. Interaction with staff and volunteers
  3. Interaction with the public


  1. Walks on harness and lead
  2. Chasing plastic bottle or guinea fowl wing attached to whip
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