Cheetah Outreach
Cheetah Outreach

Promoting the survival of the free ranging, Southern African cheetah through environmental education and delivering conservation initiatives.

Black-backed Jackal Enrichment Activities


  1. Scattered logs
  2. Patches of tall grass
  3. Platform
  4. Splash pool
  5. Large exercise enclosure


  1. Dead whole rabbits
  2. Dead birds with feathers
  3. Dead day-old chicks
  4. Dead rats and mice
  5. Meat with fur
  6. Large bones
  7. Grubs or meal worms buried in dirt
  8. Bloodsicles with meat inside
  9. Frozen fish (thawed first) or meat in toilet paper rolls
  10. Raw or hardboiled eggs
  11. Hiding meat in holes in logs and under branches
  12. Scattering meat and fruit around enclosure

Novel and Sensory

  1. Rope and Kong toys
  2. Small balls
  3. Plastic ball with treats inside
  4. Papier-mâché ball with dry cat food or thawed fish inside
  5. Bird nest
  6. Frozen donkey or horse skin
  7. Cow hooves and rawhide objects
  8. Fish gel
  9. Horse manure
  10. Switching enclosures with other animals


  1. Interaction with other jackal
  2. Interaction with animals
  3. Interaction with the staff and volunteers


  1. Walks on harness and lead
  2. Chasing guinea fowl wing attached to whip or feather duster
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