Cheetah Outreach
Cheetah Outreach
20 years (1997 to 2017)
Promoting the survival of the free ranging, Southern African cheetah through environmental education and delivering conservation initiatives.

Animal Enrichment at Cheetah Outreach

At Cheetah Outreach, enrichment is as important to our animals’ welfare as nutrition and veterinary care.  We use environmental and behavioural enrichment to enhance their physical, social, cognitive and psychological well being. 

One of the most important roles of enrichment is increasing behavioural choices and encouraging species-typical behaviour.  We have looked at the physiology, and natural and individual history of each animal at Cheetah Outreach to come up with a goal-oriented enrichment plan and appropriate ideas to elicit natural behaviours.

The plan includes enrichment goals, current enrichment activities and enrichment ideas to try for each animal.  Every month handlers are assigned different animals that they are responsible for providing enrichment to.  Monthly forms list enrichment activities for each animal and are used by handlers to document when the enrichment was done and how the animal responded.  Completed monthly activity forms are used to evaluate the effectiveness of the enrichment plan and make changes where necessary.

Click on the links above to see species specific enrichment activities at Cheetah Outreach.

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                                       Black-backed Jackal
 Bat-eared Fox

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