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Cheetah Outreach

Promoting the survival of the free ranging, Southern African cheetah through environmental education and delivering conservation initiatives.

Bat-eared Fox Enrichment Activities


1) Shelter with straw for shelter and privacy
2) Moveable small dog house
3) Scattered logs
4) Area for digging burrows


1) Live insects
2) Dried mealworms
3) Whole mice/unborn rats
4) Baby chicks
5) Meat with fur on it
6) Bones
7) Bloodsicles with meat or mice inside
8) Raw eggs
9) Honey on logs and trees (small amounts)
10) Whole fruits and vegetables
11) Peanuts (raw and in shells)
12) Scattering food around enclosure
13) Hiding food in piles of logs and under bark
14) Burying insects in sandbox
15) Food inside basket feeder
16) Food inside papier-mache balls
17) Meat and fruit in pine cones     

Novel and Sensory

1) Soft, rubber and rope toys
2) Balls
3) Whip and toys/feathers/plastic bottle
4) Feather duster
5) Cardboard boxes
1) Visual contact with caracal, servals and dogs
2) Walking other animal next to enclosure
3) Spending time in other enclosure
4) Fresh catmint or parsley
5) Dried catnip on a blanket
6) Straw from other enclosures
6) Springbok hide 


  1. Interaction with other bat-eared fox
  2. Interaction with other animals
  3. Interaction with staff and volunteers


1) Chasing Kong toy, soft toy, feathers or bird wing attached to whip
2) Chicks/mice on sticks

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